This year's outdoor farmers market in Waynesboro, Pa. looks to be bigger and better than ever.  Lots of farm fresh produce and hand crafted specialties.  We'll give you an update after the market opens on May 24, to let you know details of all the other vendors.  A big thanks to Bill Kohler and the new Market Manager Barb Szyplinski for all the hard work put forth to get the Market in the Park ready to serve our local community. 


As for Curly Greens Farm, we'll have a wide selection of fresh microgreens.  Arugula, Broccoli, Red Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Onion, Leeks, Corh Shoots, Pea Shoots, Amaranth, Cilantro, Basil. and Baby Lettuce Greens.  We hope you know how nutrtitious these baby veggies are for you.  All of the have high levels of vitamins and nutrients good for your blood flow and a helping hand for controlling your cholesterol.  


In addition we'll have some fresh herbs grown to improve your life.  The mint we have has large furry leaves and makes excellent tea.  Add a little lemon and honey with a cup of mint tea right before bedtime, you'll sleep like a baby.  Our fresh rosemary is full of aroma.  It makes the best marinade for beef, pork, or chicken on the grill.  The chives are good for you blood flow and make any potatoe dish top notch.  


This year we will also have wheat grass.  It can be used for juicing and smoothies or feed it to your cat to remove fur balls.  Another new item will be the live Magical Fairy Gardnes.  We've got them growing for you and you can take them and add and subtract any way you like.  They have faires and princesses with toads and mushrooms already set up.  Please come by our stand at the "Market in the Park" and see how we can help your life with healthy greens from Curly Greens Farm.  

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