Where can I purchase your products?

We will be attending local farmers markets.  We are at the Waynesboro Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8-12 beginning May 25, 2019 In addition, you can contact us any time and we can let you know what's available.  We'll be glad to meet you or deliver the microgreens to you.  

How can we conact you Curly?

Real easy, just send an email to Curly@curlygreensfarm.com.  I'll get back to you quickly.

Do you use soil for a growing medium?

Depends on the size of the seeds.  When possible, with smaller seeds, we you hemp mats to grow.  With most larger seeds we use soil because the microgreens become more hardy.  We grow more with soil than with hemp.  Send us a not if you have any questions about our growing process for a specific microgreen.  The process varies with many of this little babies.  

Do you use pesticide or fungicide for microgreens?

NO !  We do not use any chemical pesticides or fungicides for growing our microgreens.  We use a dilluted hydrogen peroxide solution to mist the seeds at germination time.  This eliminates most mold problems.  We also add Azomite trace minerals to the soil medium for enhanced flavor and health benfits, most notably with wheatgrass.